Lit Up

A Private Coaching Program

Would you like to explore what it means to be in life with more simplicity, ease and grace?

It’s as if there’s a beautiful light inside each and every one of us.

But it’s been covered over  by years of conditioning, worry and doubt. We seem to take one step forward and two steps back, frustrated by the thought that we’re not showing up as the full expression of who we really are.

What if we allowed this light to illuminate every part of our lives. What then?

Let’s find out. Let’s light you up.

Lit Up has been specifically designed for those who have listened to the Un-Doing Podcast and want to explore further.

Over the period of twelve coaching calls, we’ll work together in a series of private sessions to help you completely shift everything that’s getting in the way of you realising what you’re truly capable of.

Results? More ease, More simplicity. More grace. More laughter.

90% off your to do list. Lightness. Lightheartedness. Simplicity.

Stress and Anxiety

Problem: Anxiety, stress, a non-stop busy mind or insomnia are a big part of your life and you’ve simply had enough.

Solution: Get lit up. 

And watch all those symptoms and stress simply dissolve into an unshakeable peace.



Problem: You’re an entrepreneur whose business is fuelled by adrenaline, striving and workaholism.

Solution: Get lit up. 

And watch those challenges dissolve and creative and innovative solutions take their place.



Problem: Your kids are driving you mad, you’re worried about their ability to thrive or simply feel like you’re not being a good enough parent.

Solution: Get lit up. 

And see how your kids respond to a parent who is lit up, fun and more lighthearted.


 Problem: You have no idea what to do with your life, you seem to have no sense of purpose and are not sure which direction to go next.

Solution: Get lit up. 

And who KNOWS what could happen!


Problem: The love seems have faded from your relationship and you’ve turned into flatmates. Or perhaps you are fighting or are resigned to breaking up.

Solution: Get lit up. 

And see your partner with completely fresh eyes – fall back in love with them all over again.



Problem: You have a question that seems to have been bugging you for years – and you’ve never been able to find a satisfactory answer.

Solution: Get lit up. 

And watch the question simply disappear into the pure enjoyment of just being in the present moment.

 The program includes 12 x 60 minute coaching calls.

I only work with a small number of clients in this way and the investment is £2,997.

If you’re serious about working with me in this way and would like to see if you’d be a fit for this program, please book a spot in my diary below.