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If you’re feeling stuck and limited in your life, playing out the same old patterns of struggle and bored of experiencing the same old dramas over and over, I’d like to invite you to consider working with me personally as a private coaching client.

You see, everything you’re struggling with is a result of a simple misunderstanding about how life really works. That’s it.

When I work with clients, I help correct that misunderstanding, and as a result help them experience what it means to live a life full of freedom, beauty, love and lightheartedness.

That is what I do. And that is all I do in the work that I do. 


The Platinum Program is the most intimate personal way of working with me as we help you re-discover what it means to get out of your head and start enjoying your life.


“If you’d have asked me a month ago that I would be where I am now, I’d never have believed you. That I consider myself to be innately healthy, perfect, not broken or lacking is truly amazing. 

Just over three years ago I admitted myself into a mental health facility and thought that I would be lost forever.  Just over 12 months ago I was in such deep depression that I was suicidal.  But now thanks to you and the three principles all that has changed.

I have never resonated with anything like I have with this.  I really mean it when I say that I think that you have created a brilliant program, it is accessible to people on many levels and budgets and can be applied across so many disciplines, not just anxiety.

You have made me rethink who I am.  I know I cannot change in essence, underneath…..but I still have to say that who I am externally, how I am in the world,  with my patients and my loved ones is not the same. I’m more confident, compassionate, calm and content.”


– Here’s how I can help –


If you’re stressed, worried and anxious and as a result living a life limited by fear, I’ll work with you to help you stop battling with your own head (!), and rest in a simple peace of mind more of the time.

Why work with me?

Because for 20 years, I walked in your shoes and I have spent the last 3 years sharing with anxious clients what it was that I found that made such a difference to my own life.


If you’re up to creating something cool in the world, be it a business, a charity, a book or anything else, I’ll work with you to find simplicity, ease and grace in the execution of your project.

Why work with me?

I am a creative machine! If you have followed my work at all, you’ll know that new projects and ways of working with people constantly arise and are implemented – I’ve made a point of studying what lies behind that flow.


If you’re struggling to remember why you ever married them in the first place (!) or wondering what it takes to find the ideal partner, I’ll work with you to help you fall back in love. From that space, everything changes.

Why work with me?

I tried hard to tackle my relationship problems. Then, as result of this conversation, my husband transformed overnight into a different man. Without me having to get a new one 🙂



If lockdown has you going up the wall as your relationship with your kids looks sadly lacking, I’ll work with you to help you find that deep connection that makes parenting so rewarding.

Why work with me?

I have 3 of my own. I feel your pain! And what I”ve discovered in my own life through this conversation is the possibility of love and lightheartedness and how much easier parenting becomes as a result.


If you want to grow your business in 2020, I’ll work with you to help you find the pace of growth that’s perfect for you, be a sounding board for your creative ideas and help you find the clarity to move forwards.

Why work with me?

I’ve created two six-figure businesses from scratch, have studied online marketing for the past 10 years and have worked with thousands of clients through my work. And I LOVE sharing what I’ve learned about that journey.



If you’re a 3 Principles practitioner that wants to deepen your grounding to have more impact with your clients, I’ll help you explore that in a way that will have a profound impact on the work that you do.

Why work with me?

I have spent the last 2 years coaching and mentoring students of the 3 Principles as they take this understanding out into the world. I see what a practical difference grounding makes to the ability to create and impact clients.

– How Does it Work? –

We’ll work together over eight private coaching calls to explore the changes you want to see in your world, and what lies at the heart of living a life full of love, creativity, simplicity and grace.

We’ll clear up simple misunderstandings, such that you re-connect with the wonderful life lying just under your nose but currently invisible to you. It’s right there for the taking.


Please note, I am only available for coaching sessions between 2pm and 5pm UK times.

Your investment: £1,997 for 8 x 60 minute sessions.

“Just wanted to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to say how much I have not only enjoyed the past few days but also to explain how much I have got out of it.

The world appears to be really different today.

When I stumbled across your work I knew it was the right path for me however I wasn’t sure just how much it would resonate (when you are a busy thinker with anxiety you think nothing will) however the past three days have opened up a whole new world of calm to me. 

My mind feels quiet – I have a complete understanding of how “things” work and even if my thinking gets screwed again I know I will recognise it and my mind will feel quiet again.   I can’t even explain it really but what I do know is that I feel lighter, brighter and more here. I drove home on the motorway with no negative feelings or thoughts.  I feel liberated and free for the first time in a long time. 

Feel so tired and relaxed I can’t keep my eyes open but a lovely tired like nothing is on me… xxx”


– How Do I Start? – 


Step One

Book a call.

We’ll – have a 30- minute conversation to find out if you’re a fit for the program and whether I can help.


Step Two

Start Coaching.

In most cases, we can begin working together within a few days of agreeing we’re a fit for each other. We’ll have 8 calls over 8 weeks.


Step Three

Find Freedom

Show up. Listen. Ask questions. Do your homework if asked. That’s all that’s required.


Step Four

Go Enjoy Your Life

What’s possible when the things that’s limiting you is no longer a limiting factor? Let’s find out.


“I discovered the Little Peace of Mind program just over twelve months ago when my ‘pressure cooker’ life of running a successful, demanding business, raising children, trying to be the perfect wife, daughter and friend, had slowly started to break me.  I was a control freak and perfectionist by nature and my efforts to keep all the plates spinning was increasingly leading to anxiety, insomnia, health anxiety, headaches and mood swings.

Eventually I saw what was happening and in my typical ‘right let’s fix this’ attitude I set out to try and discover which parts of me were broken and what I would need to learn to get back to normal. I tried so many avenues, hypnotherapy, NLP, Affirmations, Psychotherapy, Meditation and pretty much all the self-help books out there and almost all of them had an effect, but they were all temporary, as soon as my thoughts got out of control again, the methods I had been taught seemed lacking. 

I don’t know what made me say yes to Nicola’s one on one course, it’s quite out of character for me, definitely something deeper than my own mind booked me on before I’d had chance to argue too much about it. I will be eternally indebted that I did though, Nicola is a wonderful teacher, she met me on my own level of understanding and delivered life changing ideas with compassion. I had so many ‘wow’ moments throughout the four days where the truth just became apparent the more we talked and with that came a real sense of freedom and lightness that I hadn’t felt in years. 

Driving home, I got that excited feeling you get when you’re on the way to the airport to go on holiday, but it was about going back to my own life. A seismic shift happened and continues to happen, and I will be forever grateful for the future I now believe is possible, one that is freer and easier than ever before.”