this is a moving forwards....not backwards

-the core elements of thriving –


A simple feeling of lightness and joy. Even when the shit is hitting the fan in the most serious-looking manner.


Seeing how little we actually need to be completely fulfilled and thus treading more lightly upon the earth.


A realisation of our own resourcefulness and ability to respond creatively to whatever life throws at us.


A feeling of warmth that impacts our families, friends and humanity such that compassion fills our lives.


An unshakeable knowing of our own peace of mind – no matter what. No, really.


A coming home to what never changes. What never has changed all through 2020. And what never will.

– uncovering: the program –

Over the course of 7 months, we’ll dive deep into each of these elements in turn. These are the certainties, if and when everything gets wobbly around you. These are the solid stones under your feet that will mean you can thrive. No matter what.

We’ll explore what apparently takes us away from each of them, and how to live with the experience of each in our day-to-day lives.

Simply. Deeply. And profoundly.

How will your life change a result? 

It might be that you have a new idea for your work that seems effortless to follow through on. You might observe changes in the ‘difficult’ people in your life or start finding family life easier and more rewarding. You might find yourself sleeping more deeply, living more simply, or making changes to your diet, exercise or schedule.

No one knows, but what I do know is each time we settle into these, our lives become more beautiful, healthy and nourishing, and all sorts of interesting and unexpected changes just seem to happen all on their own.

– how it works –

The program will run from January to July 2020.

The cornerstones of the program are three 3-day retreats. Each will be run online between 10am – 4pm UK so you can join from wherever you are in the world and will be a deep dive into the following themes:

January 25-27: Happiness & Simplicity

April 26-28: Creativity & Connection

July 5-7: Serenity & Truth

There will be then be a webinar each month of February, March, May and June to develop the themes covered on each retreat more deeply.

In addition, you will be invited to book one 90-minute private coaching session with me where we can explore any area of your life so that you can realise what’s on offer as a result of this program more deeply for yourself.

Because of this final element, places on this program will be limited to a maximum of 100.

Unusually, there will be no Facebook group as part of this program. This is because I want this to be a personal journey for each of you. An opportunity to remove yourself from the the noise of social media discussion and ‘what do you think about this?’ that involve the intellect. An opportunity for reflection and to let what we explore land more deeply in you. To realise each of these elements for yourself.

Quietly. Simply. Profoundly.

– how do i join? –

Your investment: £2,500. (The option to split this into 5 x £500 will be made available).

Registration for this program will open on this page on Monday 16th November at 10am UK and places will go on a first come, first served basis. There will only be one intake for this program to start in 2021.

Please leave your details below if you have considered the investment and time commitment and know you’d definitely like to reserve a spot – you will be sent an email at 9am on Monday 16th November with a special link you can use to sign up before public registration opens.

registration opens in